The Military Doula Training

This training is for individuals interested in supporting military families through volunteer service as a certified doula. You will learn birth doula skills, be introduced to military culture, and be connected to a network of other volunteers and birth professionals already providing this amazing service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to already be a doula to attend?

No, this class is not for birth professionals. It is for community members who want to support the military community. You will earn everything you need to know in class.

Will I be certified after the class?

By finishing the pre-class assignments, attending the class, and completing the certification requirements you will earn a birth doula certification from The Military Doula.

Why is the class so inexpensive?

The Military Doula’s mission is to connect families and volunteers. We are not focused on making money from either.

How can I host a training in my area?

If you are interested in hosting a training, contact Marie Lewis at

Register for the upcoming Doula Training in Windsor, VA on December 3rd, 2016