Our service members make huge sacrifices when deployed; leaving their spouse to birth alone should never be one of them. If you are a trained doula with room in your heart and on your calendar to volunteer your services to a deployed service member’s spouse, consider volunteering through our Special Ops program.

Read the Volunteer Doula Agreement
  • I agree to volunteer for one Special Ops delivery per calendar year to maintain my status as a Military Doula Special Ops Volunteer*
  • I will offer my Special Ops family a minimum of one prenatal and attend the birth.
  • I will respond to Special Ops inquiries sharing my availability or lack thereof
  • If I become unavailable for a Special Ops family I have committed to I will attempt to find a replacement doula to attend their birth
  • I understand Special Ops doulas are volunteers and that these births are not intended to provide income. However, Special Ops doulas may, at their discretion charge families up $50 to cover expenses.
  • I will contact The Military Doula before attending a Special Ops delivery with the following information which will be used to track the impact the volunteers are having and to send a welcome letter to the expecting family
    • Birth Mother’s Name
    • Address
    • The military branch and duty station she is associated with
    • Expected birth month
    • Volunteer’s Name and address**

* You may contact us in extenuating circumstances for an extension ** A personal letter of appreciation will be sent to volunteers for each birth.

I’m a military daughter, sister, and wife. I am also a doula. Unless you live this lifestyle or work with the military community, you cannot begin to understand the hardship of a deployment. What little extra they get paid, is not enough to justify the sacrifice, and surely is not enough to justify charging them for doula services.

Nadja Earvin-Torres

Doula, Empowered Motherhood