I am so excited to have been invited to be a guest speaker at PlacentaCon this year! It will be held March 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada! This time what happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas as I will be sharing updates from the event as it happens and summarizing everything in a blog post when I return.

I will be speaking about how birth and postpartum recovery has its own unique challenges within the US Military system, how to help mothers navigate the regulations and how it can impact their postpartum recovery. This is particularly important this year as there are so many new maternity policies in each of the branches. I will be adding the information I present to my Military Doula certification course ( Yes, that is happening!) in the Spring.

Other guest speakers will include Michelle Escasa-Dorne speaking about Sexual Functioning in Postpartum Women and Laura Gryder presenting data on the necessity and impact of iron during the postpartum recovery period. Also, Dr. Daniel Benyshek from UNLV will be on the special Research Panel at the end of the sessions to discuss the human maternal placentophagy research, the placenta vs. placebo research study, and to share insider information about the results!


You can check out PlacentaCon at one of these links:

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