Find a Special Ops Doula

Jana Smith

Phone: 805-210-0475
Services Offered:
  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
Years of Experience: 26
Number of Births Attended: 100
Trainings: Innate postpartum doula Traditional Birth Attendant Lactation counselor Childbirth educator Placental art & encapsulator
Active Duty or Dependent?: No
Bases Served: Ventura county naval bases
About the Doula:

I live in the Ventura county, CA area and am a hold star family member, a military daughter, sister and disabled veteran myself. I live between BOTH bases. I am a TBA (traditional birth attendant) and would love to be of service as a birth or postpartum doula to those mama's who are a gold or blue star spouse or has a spouse currently on deployment. Understanding and a loving touch is what we most need at one of the most precious times in our lives, bringing in a new life. I can be of service to you, just let me know!