Special Ops Doulas are professional, trained military doulas who have generously volunteered a portion of their birth and/or postpartum services to military families who are facing a separation during their upcoming birth.

Who Qualifies for a Special Ops Doula?

Gold Star and Blue Star Families.

Expecting families anticipating a birth during a deployment or other separation caused by military assignment. Expecting families affected by PTSD related to military service. The expecting spouse of combat veterans injured or killed in the line of duty.

How much does a Special Ops Doula cost?

Special Ops Doulas are amazing people who have volunteered their time. They are allowed to charge a nominal fee to cover their expenses (up to $50), although many choose not to do so. The slots available are limited, so we do ask that if you can afford to hire a doula at her full rate you will consider doing so. If your deployed member becomes available for the birth, your Special Ops Doula (birth or postpartum) will be available to you at her normal rate.

What ranks qualify, do I need to show my LES?

All ranks serve our country and all ranks are offered this service equally. We will never ask about your personal finances.